Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A New Site (Triple A spanking)

A very brief post to let you know about a new site with loads of pyjama spanking content.


Here are a few pics to give you a tasste of whats there.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Going to run here on occsional basis . So here are some post spanking pictures

Hi I have decided to run both blogs in conjunction with each other. This one will be mainly for pics of various stages of spankings to girls in their pyjamas. I am starting somewhat in reverse with these showing girls after receiving their pyjama clad punishments . Hope you enjoy them. The one above showing the wonderful Rosaleen Young running away rubbing her pyjamas clad behind after getting a dam good hiding.

Some naughty girls after contemplate their behaviour whist stood in their pyjamas facing the wall. Just like Shanelle.

Where-as Wynter has been sent to bed straight after her spanking.

Rosaleen just feels the urge to tug her jama trousers down and cheek the damage in the mirror.

Jessica is made to stay in the family living room with her bare red bottom on show.

Rosaleen got many a spanking in her pyjamas ( thankfully) Her she cannot stay and hide in her bedroom. She is sent down stairs bare bottom on show to tidy the mess she left downstairs with everyone looking on.

This picture of Irelynn taken from a great pyjama spanking set on Northernspanking shows yet another well spanked girl sent straight to bed without being allowed to tug their jamas back up

Cannot do a selection of pyjama pics without adding the wonderful Pixie from Punished Brats. her perfect smacked behind was left bare as she was made to wash up after her spanking. I wish more vids contained pics of girls leaving the scene to do chores or walking upstairs to be. This was perfectly placed in that area.

Here is another pic from a vid from Soundpunishment.com. This girl rubbed her smacked bum all the way upstairs after receiving a good smacked bottom.

Alicia Pananettiere, gave this naughty girl a spanking in her downstairs before informing her she would be due another at bedtime. Once the girl was in her pretty pyjamas over Alicia's knee she went. And doesn't her bottom look lovely as she walks away from her spanking to bed
This picture has been around for a number of years but no one seems to know from which site it originated. its a perfect view of a well smacked bare bottom with pyjamas perfectly placed to show it off. If anyone does know where it come from please let me know.

This picture is from a vid. made my Spankingonline.com. The vid. is not that good in my view but I love the sight of this naughty miss not only having to stand with her jamas around her ankles but the way her pyjamas top is tucked into her collar giving a great view of a nicely rounded bottom

Another pink pyjama clad miss racing off to bed after a spanking and really good caning. The vid. can be found on the Strictly English clips4sale site.

Another picture that has been around a long time. I had it originally from a friend who I used to chat too. I know who it is. Do you? She is very very famous in the spanking world now.

A naughty miss in shorts taken a well slippered bottom to bed. An oldie but a goodie don't you think?

naughty Shanelle again after receiving a spanking and caning on Christmas eve from one of Santas' helpers (Elizabeth). Can be found on a number of sites including Shanelle's clips4sale and Elizabeth's Spankingservices.com.

Naughty girl Kathrine Saint James is spanked and slippered both over her pyjamas and with them off by her mom. After its over she puts her pyjama pants back over her red behind and goes off to get ready for school .Its a vid. called Brat Whack produced by Shadowlane.

Sp there you have it . I will place more pyjama spanking pics here soon. That's if they are wanted .

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The other site is still running

Just to let visitors know that my other pyjama spanking blog is still working. Please visit if you wish and please leave comments too. Thanks.

Friday, October 2, 2009

my new blog

hi there everyone,

Just to let you know my new pyjamas spanking blog is up and running properly now. i try and add something a couple of times a week. Come and take a look. its here


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

leaving this site for another

I have just started my new blog. Although nothing much is on there yet I will be adding to it more or less on a daily basis until thier is a worthwhile amount of content on there.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Looking to move

Hi there every one. just to let you all know I am looking to move this blog. As I am not really sure how to go about this I am hoping that someone might let me know a good route to take.

One of the many reasons for doing this is because certain people cannot leave comments and also i have had trouble setting up simple surveys etc.

These blogs used to be so simple to use. If I cannot not get feed back then there is little point in doing this. Therefor if anyone knows of better and free blog site providers where i can take all that is already on this blog please let me know . my e-mail is on my profile.